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Weekend voyage

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

I read a book called Beyond The Break, if you are like me who reads anything then you will love it. It was given to me by my client who sponsored the Team Vistas Wind in Volvo ocean race. I liked the book as it introduced me to so many things I did not know. Pictures in the book were still fresh in my idle mind when I cooked up this writing. Enjoy this weekends inelegant Borewell digging as a glamorous sailboat voyage.

I was witness to the fourth Borewell digging this weekend. For those of you who have not witnessed a bore well digging, it is usually 10 to 18 hours of relentless effort from start to finsh. The prize for everyone is striking a well-supplied aquifer.

In the book Beyond The Break I learnt that the boat has all one needs and that's all one can get once set sail. The borewell rig is also same, it is a fleet of two trucks one with the drill and another with a compressor.

Next time you spot one of them look around you will see the other not too far away.

Rigs work at outposts therefore they are in the middle of nowhere literally, metaphorically that is like being in ocean all alone. Everything from electricity to provisions has to be on the deck.

The trucks are packed with hideaway that carry everything needed, here is one such hideaway that houses a fully functioning kitchen and supplies.

Usually the drivers double as cooks and ensure that food needs of half a dozen people are taken care while rig is operational

Bike in the background is used for running errands it also rides on the rig, in my imagination this takes the place of emergency raft.

There is a living quarter too, sorry Swatchh Bharat there are no restrooms on the rig. On Vistas wind too I read bathing and relieving part of the business was done in the nature as god intend it to be. So let's pardon them for now...

Compressor carries water, fuel and pipes. While rig is the muscle, compressor is the heart of the rig and provides the essential medium to lift the dirt from the well as the digging progresses. It compresses air and pushes it through the drill. The force of compressed air can lifts the debris from the depths of up to 1400+ feet!

The crew have their chores much like sailors and magically arrive with the right tools at the right place. Once the task is complete tool are returned to its designated spot. I wasn’t joking when I said they carry everything. Here is welding operation in progress.

Maintenance Repair Operations are critical because even a small thing not being there will break the rhythm and delay rigging operations.

The captain is the chief operator who runs the rig. I am impressed with his ability to work straight 10-18 hours in that dust, noise and mud.

In the picture is the business end of the rig, it hammers away at the earth extending its reach by the 20 feet bits.

My first memory of the borewell was at my grand parents place some 30 plus years ago back then it was a spectacle for the village. I remember lot of manual work during that time but now it is all automated and is really a joy to watch.

Next time you see a rig in the traffic let it not be just another hindrance in the traffic. Look at it with a curiosity lens and you will fall in love with the faults in life.

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