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Visit to Shade Net Farm

It started with one of our community members forwarding a news clip ( in which their friends were featured with an invitation to meet them. We all are a curious lot and keep learning from all sources.

We learnt that they are all graduates and are running this farm with the know how they acquired from one of their brother. They grow vegetables in sterile coco peat, under shade net with drip irrigation methods they use separates them from the rest.

By reducing the environmental variables, they can reduce the inputs and pesticides. They have chosen to go less chemical by avoiding soil and wind-borne pests. Very smart!

In this method water is released directly to the roots because of coco peat moisture is maintained at desired levels for a longer time. They also tie the creepers up to maximize the sun exposure on the leaves.

On their farm, we saw English cucumber almost one fruit or more for every leaf growing without any obstruction. Because of this, they have uniform shape and color which is qualifying criteria for a reasonable price

In addition to cucumber, we saw Brinjal, bitter gourd, snake gourd, green chillies.

They are also experimenting with Ginger

Following is the picture of our net house, it is still in works; our projects are a bit slow as you may have realised by now.

Our visit to cholaraja’s farm has given a lot of ideas about possibilities in a net house.

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