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Visit to EA Farms

We were visiting our friends EA Farms and their beautiful farm at Pollachi, TN.

Chandrasekar (Sekar) from EA Farms played our host. Interestingly both of the chaps in the photo have the same name identical to last initial. Sekar has been running the farm for last 10+ years in the past life he had a corporate job and now found peace with his passion for nature. EA farm practices natural farming, meaning least interference with the natures ways of working. He has been pioneering no-till farming and mixed crop farming in the recent years.

After years of dry spell they had an excellent monsoon this year making the whole place green again.

Considering their proximity to the devastation happening in Kerala, few trees coming down and overflowing bridges are not rarities.

On the back of good monsoon, EA Farm had planted ground nuts which used the abundant rainfall and naturally fertile soil to grow well.

First week of August ground nuts were harvested. They were also saving the plants as they will be good fodder for the cattle.

Speaking of cattle they had a new arrival.

These groundnuts were then brought home and spread in a room with proper ventilation to dry.

Since the weather was damp moisture gets retained, so once in two hours have to plough the nuts with the feet.

As the ground nuts dry, shell acts as natures own packaging and protects the nuts inside for months. Shelf life of the nuts drop once they are deshelled.

Chemical analysis of EA farms groundnuts showing that there is no toxins and pesticide residues.

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