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Divine - discover (something) by guesswork or intuition

Ground water is like an inheritance for landowners.  I say inheritance because all rules of material inheritance like saving, growing, respecting and protecting applies to groundwater as well. This article however is not about saving or growing this inheritance but about finding it.

So how do you find this rightful inheritance? You start with supposedly gifted people called water diviners. Water diviners are bestowed with powers to spot the water buried hundreds of feet underground using everyday objects like key chains, tree branches or coconuts. This bizarre ritual of finding ground water is called Dowsing. For the non-believers there is a scientific variant called Megger. Megger works on the principle of electrical conductivity. Since water is a better conductor than soil two conductors placed firmly in the ground will show better conductivity when there is water. At least that is the theory, in reality it is as inconsistent as dowsing. We have used the combination of Megger and Coconut dowsing to dig five Borewell so far, our success rate has been only 50%.  

Here is Megger in action:

With the non believers taken care, let me get to the exciting stuff - coconut dowsing. Coconut dowsing involves placing a coconut horizontally in the palm and walking around the land, at certain places the coconut just stands up magically. We are told that these areas of paranormal coconut activity are sources of underground water. If you do not believe, here it is.

In the absence of tools that can accurately pin point water sources, this unfound phenomenon is continuing to be invaluable to us. Using coconut dowsing we are able to identify a believable stream like pattern as shown below.

Puzzled with this phenomenon, we did couple experiments with coconut dowsing.  Here are these experiments, please feel to try it yourself :

Experiment No 1:

We found that coconut dowsing works for some people and does not work for other (later are called Paapigalu in Kannada). Someone told us that it is dependent on the blood group.  Hey, it works for me though !

Experiment No 2:

Coconut dowsing works for Chandrashekar too as you can see in the video but the coconut activity is not same for both of us. We have overlaps and some areas of exclusivity. Unfound conclusion was that body mass is directly proportional to depth of water discovered. Mine is at lower depth, thanks to my diet program.

Experiment No. 3:

We tried dowsing with different coconuts, there is no variation if the coconut is switched, drained or completely bald. Therefore it is definitely linked to the person dowsing and not the coconut.

Experiment No. 4:

It works even when sitting inside a car!!

Experiment No. 5:

Works from any floor of the building, you do not have to be on the ground floor.

If you thought coconut dowsing was bizarre, check out the next video of twig dowsing by a professional diviner.  This was recorded by our friend Srikanta Prakasha at his farm.

While I was feeling lucky to be gifted with coconut dowsing. I realized Chandrasekar can dowse with a twigs. Though I was little jealous initially, I consoled myself remembering what Peter Parker once said with power comes the responsibility.

Who wants responsibility anyway!

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